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Personal service for restaurants in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and California.

West Coast Menus is the viable option for the smaller restaurant that needs 30-150 menus and cannot afford the services of graphic designers, color separations, printers, binderies and/or laminators. We do it all. We are an Affordable, FULL-SERVICE Menu Design and Printing Company that understands the restaurant business and can help you enhance your restaurant’s image and increase your profits.

Graphics Design

Over 400 different styles and colors of high quality menu covers.

Menu Design & Printing

Comprehensive Restaurant only E-mail and Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Comprehensive Restaurant only E-mail and Social Media Marketing.

Wine & Drink Menus

We understand your needs for Promotional Wines & Drink Menus.

Web Design

Complete Website Design, Hosting, Updates and Maintenance.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is way to connect with your regular customers.

Design service for your Hotel, Restaurant, Takeaway, Bar or Cafe.

Hand-crafted by Professional Menu Designers.

A menu is your other colleague who sells silently for you. It is also often the first point of contact when people come to dine at your restaurant, cafe or bar. A thoughtfully designed menu is important because it can enhance customer experience and increase your profit through targeted sales.

Profit Solutions We Offer

♦ Restaurant Menu Design

♦ Takeaway Menu Design

♦ Wine List & Drinks Menu Design

♦ Table Topper Tents & Inserts Design

♦ Indoor Promotional Banners Design

♦ Email Marketing Programs

♦ Social Media Management 

♦ Website Design & Updates

We have managed, owned & operated restaurants from 1970 – 2002.

We work EXCLUSIVELY with Independent Owner – Operators.

Our waterproof, synthetic paper makes cleanup Fast & Easy! Our synthetic paper menus are beautiful, light weight and easy to clean and sanitize. They are less costly than laminated-paper OR menu covers.

Complete Menu Package with Full Color professionally designed menu, printed on waterproof, grease-proof, easy to clean synthetic menu paper & tough coil bound binding. Call today for more info.

Internet & Social Media is yet another Hidden Sourse of increasing profits.  Website and Social Media advertising & promotional tools cost very little, compared to traditional advertising. We can help.

Table Top Marketing – In House promotions.

Hidden Profits at EVERY table.

Table-top marketing and inhouse promotions are a misunderstood
and under utilized part of many owner-operators for easy-to-reach additional profits.

We’ve learned that time spent reaching out to current guests is invaluable for in-house promotions. They already KNOW your food quality and service, so they are the best people for you to notify about new menu items, specials and PROFIT producing promotions. Inhouse promotions work.

We can help.



The owners of West Coast Menus were proprietors of successful restaurants and bars for over 30 years. We have owned or operated Italian Restaurants, Sports Bars, Mexican Restaurants, Steakhouses, Family Restaurants, and Fine Dining establishments since 1970. During the time we operated restaurants, we had a need for many types/styles of menus and other in-house printed items. It was a problem to find professionals that could design menu’s that were correct for the variety of restaurants we operated – at affordable prices.


We were in the Restaurant Business from 1970 – 2002. We understand your needs and can work with your budget.

Hassle-Free Service

We offfer High Quality Design which is made in USA at Discounted Price. Call us today for Appointment.


We have a dedicated team of Graphic Designer, Web Developer & Digital Marketer.


Call us at (253)590-3694 for a complete end to end support.



Hassle Free Appointment at Your Restaurant.